Chapter Stories

"Come and see the works of God; 

how awesome are His deeds toward mankind."

Emily C.

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University of Wisconsin

Law School


My friend and co-president of CLS (“Johner”) last year who graduated in May 2021 linked up with two other attorneys in the Madison CLS attorney chapter and opened a Christian Legal Aid (CLA) clinic here for our county just two weeks ago. He had reached out to Ken Liu about starting it up this fall since it would be the first one in the state of Wisconsin.

On October 25 – the clinic’s first day – we had three clients come through, and all who were part of that day are confident that the Lord will grow it as they begin advertising in the city. Just yesterday, Johner came in to speak to our CLS student chapter over the lunch hour about what CLA does and ways we as law students could get involved. He was also a CLS Fellow in the virtual 2020 class, which is where he learned about CLA, so to me, it felt full circle. Here was one of my first friends in law school, who I met because of CLS and who was the one who encouraged me to apply for the Fellows program myself this past year. I felt so excited. It was a moment of recognition of the Lord’s provision and faithfulness.

Personally, I’m hoping to help in the CLA clinic this spring with Spanish interpreting. For our group, many 1L and 2L students were interested and encouraged to hear something like this was beginning in Madison. I am grateful for the ways CLS (and the Fellows program specifically) continues to pour into us as law students, equipping and motivating us to do Kingdom things! I am seeing this happen in my friends, and I want to be part of it all. Christian Legal Society, and the Fellows program, has changed my whole heart about law school and vocation in general. I’m hopeful and very eager to see how God will move next here in Madison through this new Christian Legal Aid clinic, within our growing student CLS chapter, and in my own life.



Elizabeth B.

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University of San Diego

School of Law


Every semester, my CLS chapter at the University of San Diego School of Law plans a service event to give back to our community. For the last few years, our chapter has volunteered with Ladle Fellowship – a homeless outreach ministry at First Presbyterian Church in downtown San Diego.


We really enjoy partnering with Ladle Fellowship because the ministry is a consistent support system for downtown San Diego's homeless population and beautifully demonstrates what relationship-based evangelism and discipleship looks like. Twice, every week, Ladle opens its church doors to serve warm meals, give haircuts, and distribute free clothing and other basic necessities to those in need. It is a special blessing to witness Christians of all denominations come together to volunteer and serve the needy with a unified heart.


As law students, it can be tempting to fall into a self-centered mindset as we work to further our own, e.g., academic performance, career development. These service events help to ground our CLS members and remind us of the second greatest commandment – to love your neighbor as yourself.