Make a Mutual Funds & Special Securities Gift to CLS

Transferring securities held long term to Christian Legal Society (CLS) allows you to make a gift and receive a charitable deduction equal to the full, fair market value of the securities.

It’s a win-win! You pay no capital gains on your gift and neither does CLS.

Avoid selling the assets and then making a gift of the proceeds, because this will trigger a capital gains liability for you.

The process is fairly simple to support CLS with a gift just contact your broker and electronically transfer the stock from your account to CLS’ account at Morgan Stanley.

Mutual Funds & Special Securities (including private stock, tendered stock and restricted stock)
Instruct your broker to transfer special securities to the address below. For special securities, submit a completed letter of instruction and your most recent mutual fund statement to the address below.
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
c/o Patrick Trainor, CFP, 1850 K St., NW, Ste. 900
Washington, DC 20006, (202)857-5478
CLS Acct. #504133109.
Please notify CLS at (703) 642-1070 ext 503| of the transaction or to receive assistance.