Executive Director

New Covenant Legal Services
St. Louis

Job Description of NCLS Executive Director

NCLS Executive Director must be a licensed Missouri attorney

  1. At least three years’ experience in civil litigation;

  2. Must subscribe to the NCLS statement of faith; and
  3. Must be a member in good standing with a church that has a theological/belief system consistent with the NCLS statement of faith.

Operational Duties

  1. Negotiate and ensure that contracts for rental agreements, liability insurance, and major purchases are properly handled and kept current;
  2. Oversee the day-to-day operations of NCLS including ensure that all financial obligations are paid promptly;
  3. Recruit, train, and supervise all staff and volunteers;
  4. Oversee and participate in development and fundraising activities including periodic lunches and regular outreach events for donors including appearances at sponsoring churches;
  5. Oversee the preparation and delivery of the quarterly newsletter and ensure that the mailing list is kept current; and
  6. Plan continuing legal education and other special events.

Oversee the delivery of legal services

  1. Oversee screening and client interviews;
  2. On cases that NCLS decides to do direct representation, the executive director should be the lead attorney on a limited number of cases and ensure that either staff or volunteer attorneys are assuming the bulk of the caseload.


  1. The Executive Director will serve as an ex-officio member of the NCLS board and work with Board President to schedule regular board meetings and be present at the board meetings, providing a director’s report at each meeting;
  2. Will maintain regular contact and communication with similar providers of pro bono and low-cost legal services, such as Legal Services of Eastern Missouri;
  3. Will maintain communication with Christian Legal Society, Administer Justice, and other nationally based professional organizations engaged in Gospel Justice; and
  4. Advocate for justice issues with elected and appointed public offices, media, and community organizations.

Send cover letter and resume to:

Jasmine McCormick
President of the Board, NCLS
4236 Lindell, Suite 201
St. Louis, MO. 63108

Job posted: 7/27/2022