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Since 1961, the Christian Legal Society has been inspiring and training attorneys, judges, law professors, paralegals, law students, and other legal professionals to proclaim the Word of God and practice Christian principles through four active ministries:

Attorney Ministries

CLS Local Chapters throughout the country provide opportunities for Christian witnessing, law-focused discipleship, law student mentoring, contributions to our magazine The Christian Lawyer, legal referrals, and volunteer legal service on behalf of the disadvantaged.

Law Student Ministries

CLS helps students in law schools across the country integrate their Christian faith with the study and eventual practice of law. The ministry includes Bible studies for students, one-on-one mentoring by CLS members, student-focused conferences, and faith-based curriculum services to law schools.

Legal Aid Ministries

Since 2000, thousands of CLS members have donated hundreds of thousands of legal service hours helping the disadvantaged untangle debilitating legal issues, seek Christian guidance for personal problems, and understand their rights under the law.

Center for Law and Religious Freedom (CLRF)

As the country’s oldest Christian advocacy ministry for religious liberty, CLRF has initiated law suits, filed amicus briefs, argued cases, and worked with Congress to defend our Constitution’s First Amendment protection of religious freedom.

CLS also has associate members from all walks of life who are interested in and supportive of its ministries. Working collaboratively with thousands of lay people, CLS now runs programs in hundreds of cities throughout the United States. We receive no government funds and are entirely supported by membership dues, foundations, partner organizations, and individual donations.

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