Reflection - 12/30/17

by David Nammo

As we close on 2017, the media is producing lists and reflections and all the usual retrospectives that come as the calendar flips to a New Year.

But as I look back, I am tempted to ask questions about my spiritual life. How did I grow closer to Jesus? Did I spend more time in prayer? Did I spend more time in His Word?

Essentially, does my spiritual life look exactly the same at the end of 2017 as it did at the beginning?

And honestly, even surprisingly, it does look better. But I can’t claim any credit. I have struggled through some health issues this past year, and they have caused me to spend more time in prayer.

I have sought the Lord in the everyday things. I have found myself praying for my kids more often. I have found myself spending more time with the Lord.

I am not glorying in my “thorn” mind you – as I am still working with doctors to get it cleared up. But I realize, in retrospect, that I have been blessed through this struggle.

I have sought forgiveness and guidance more. I have had to rely on the Lord more and less on my efforts. And of course, He has been so faithful.

God is good all the time. He is worthy of all glory, and honor, and praise.

So as we round the corner to 2018, I pray that you will look back on a year of being closer to the Lord.

And if not, I pray that you will be more intentional about 2018 and in the phrase of the contemporary worship song….

“You can have all this world…just give me Jesus.”

May our prayer be the same in 2018.

God bless you and Happy New Year.