2021 CLS National Conference Workshops



The early bird registration deadline is August 31, 2021. 

Subject to change. 

• Bioethics Workshop

• Legal Hotspots for Churches and Nonprofits
• Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention (ECAP)
• Best Practices in Employee Benefits: Reducing Liability and Saving Money
• Managing a Church in Crisis
• Practice Pointers: Advising Christian Organizations in a Post-Bostock World

• Legal Ethics: Pitfalls in a Post-Pandemic World
• ABA Model Rule 8.4(g)

• Women in the Law: Hot Topics for Lawyers and Students

• What Every Lawyer Needs to Know about International Law and
       Human Rights
• Reflecting Christ in Estate Planning
• Attorneys as Peace Sowers and Conciliators: Parts 1 and 2
• Advising Clients to Apologize and Forgive

General Wellness
• Wellness Workshop

• The Gospel: Necessarily Political and Politically Necessary Peacemaking
• Conflict Coaching
• Basic Christian Arbitration

Practice Specific
• Recent Changes to Immigration Law   
• Intellectual Property Basics for Businesses and Nonprofits
• Storytelling and Trial Advocacy
• Creation Care 101
• Labor and Employment Law: Observations Based on 35 Years of Representing   
• Pro-Life is Winning: How the Pro-Life Movement has Saved Lives and Made
    Abortion (Almost) Unthinkable
• The Fight to Die: An Update from the Front Lines in the Battle Against Suicide
     by Physician 

Religious Freedom
• Religious Freedom Update
• A Primer on Church Autonomy

Sexual Exploitation
• Sex Trafficking: The Problem, the Law, and Proposed Solutions

• The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity