Church and Ministry Resources

Best Practices for Churches and Ministries

CLS occasionally hosts free webinars for churches and ministries. Below please find two webinars hosted in conjunction with ECFA.  Check back frequently to see additional webinars.

[CLS did a series of religious liberty guidance webinars to help churches, schools, and nonprofits understand the changing landscape in light of the same-sex marriage ruling by the Supreme Court, including resources, recommended bylaw changes, policies, etc., for your individual situation. You can find those here.

In 2018, CLS and ECFA hosted a webinar for churches and ministries to help them start thinking about Creating a Safe Culture: Making Sure #MeToo Does Not Happen at Your Church or Nonprofit. Please feel free to share this video with all who may benefit.



In 2016, CLS and ECFA held a webinar on Best Practices for Children in Churches and Ministries. Please view it and share it with anyone who may benefit.