Advanced Arbitration Training


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Binding Contractual Arbitration – Adjudicative Foundations for Christian Conciliators and Process Advocates 
Faculty Instructors: Matt W. Argue, Esq., Arbitrator, Mediator, Certified Christian Conciliator; Harold Coleman, Jr., Esq., Arbitrator, Mediator, Educator

This full-day, interactive CLE training equips both aspiring and practicing arbitrators and advocates alike with the foundational skills needed to expand their practices through a strategic use of tried and proven arbitral techniques. Faculty consisting of seasoned arbitrators and conciliators will integrate a variety of learning techniques, including video and live demonstrations, facilitated individual/group problem solving, and stimulating lectures to cover salient skills-building topics, including arbitral service - nature of the office; arbitrator ethics - conflicts checks, disclosures and oath of office; anatomy of an arbitration - process phases; effectively managing the process - pre-hearing, course of hearing, and post-hearing dynamics; qualitative distinctions - Christian and secular arbitration; Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation; thorny arbitration challenges and tools for managing them; and further help/next steps in launching a promising arbitration/arbitration-focused advocacy practice to carry out the mandates of Matthew 18 and 1 Corinthians 6.