Why Join CLS

Ten Reasons Why Every Christian in the Legal Profession Should Join CLS!

1. To honor Jesus by joining the national membership network of thousands of lawyers, judges, law professors, and law students committed to loving and serving Jesus Christ through the practice of law. "Whoever acknowledges Me before men, I will also acknowledge him before My Father in heaven.” (Mt. 10:32)

2. To associate with the national Christian legal community committed to a common confession of faith and goals, including advocating for religious liberty and the sanctity of human life, mentoring and equipping law students to integrate their faith and legal education, promoting public justice, and encouraging biblical conflict resolution.

3. To receive spiritual and professional encouragement on a personal basis from CLS staff and from the national network of CLS attorneys, law professors, judges, law students, and friends.

4. To support the ministries of CLS through CLS membership, volunteer service, prayers, and other financial contributions, for the Legal Aid Ministry, Attorney Ministries, Law Student Ministries, and the Center for Law and Religious Freedom.

5. To gain “Members Only” access to CLS resources and national staff, including CLS’ member website, publications (The Christian Lawyer, The Journal of Christian Legal Thought), CLE offerings, CLS’ Bible studies, discipleship and mentoring materials, and other valuable resources.

6. To belong to a local CLS Chapter supported financially through CLS dues-sharing,maximizing opportunities to connect with local Christian legal colleagues on a regular basis.

7. To cultivate invaluable friendships with attorneys, judges, law students, and government officials: for mentoring, professional development, case referrals, legal employment, and personal help.

8. To benefit from professional CLE programs, both LIVE and Online, from a Christian perspective, presented by CLS.

9. To sharpen one another through writing, presenting and publishing in The Christian Lawyer and other CLS publications by presenting at national or regional conferences, retreats, and local chapter meetings.

10. To learn about God’s mighty actions in the legal profession by coming together for CLS’s life-changing national and regional conferences.