Director of Judicial Research

Salary Range
$20-30 per Hour

Director of Judicial Research

Reports to the Director of Judicial Research reports to the Director of Voter Guide Operations.

Job Overview

The Director of Judicial Research’s role is to help iVoterGuide educate conservative voters on the philosophies of judicial candidates.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Manage and assist in hiring, onboarding and training a team of Judicial Researchers who will compile and analyze data on the judicial candidates’ court opinions, social-media presence, and more.
  • Gather expert opinions from lawyers on the judicial candidates in their states.
  • Become an expert on the court systems in about ten states
  • Gather expert opinions from lawyers on the judicial candidates in covered states
  • Analyze controversial state supreme court cases
  • Research candidates’ public statements, campaign information, and records 
  • Rate state supreme court candidates on a scale from Proven Originalist to Proven Activist. (All ratings will be subject to review.)
  • Participate in regular staff meetings, including regular meetings with the President and the Director of Voter Guide Operations to improve processes and plan coverage.
  • Participate in regular meetings with and the Director of Voter Guide Operations and other key staff.
  • Execute other duties as assigned


  • A commitment to Christian, conservative, and originalist values
  • 2+ election cycles experience in researching data related to candidates and elections at the state and national levels
  • Experience supervising or managing a team or group of employees or contractors
  • Working knowledge of databases and MS Office (especially Excel)
  • Must have the ability to meet deadlines and communicate effectively
  • Strong time management and organizational skills are a must
  • Ability to work with minimal oversight; self-directed and motivated
  • A commitment to conservative values
  • Completion of iVoterGuide Leadership Survey and confidentiality agreement
  • Must have experience effectively working as a team player
  • Current or former experience as a lawyer or judge


  • Remote work and flexible hours
  • A positive and supportive work environment
  • Opportunity to use legal skills to impact the future of America’s rule of law


$20 - $30 per hour, depending upon experience. 

Location:  Remote

About Us:  iVoterGuide is a committed, Christian organization that educates millions of voters across the nation on the beliefs of political candidates and equips them to vote wisely and to be good stewards of their citizenship. Our research-based, data-driven tool identifies candidates’ political philosophy on a wide range of social and economic issues.  In the November 2020 general election, iVoterGuide expanded our work to include analysis of the judicial philosophy of state supreme-court candidates. We are made up of a small year-round staff and hundreds of volunteer researchers and panelists who work remotely and dedicate countless hours to preserving freedom for our generation and the next.