Family Law Trust Lawyer

Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Clinic



Reports directly to Steve Thompson, Executive Director of Justice & Mercy Legal Aid Clinic
Full Time Salaried Position

Job Requirements:

  • A member in good standing of the Colorado Bar.
  • 2-5 years of experience in Family Law in Colorado preferred.
  • Must have a desire to stand up for the rights of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking, including non-citizen victims.
  • Must be a team player with a collaborative style of leadership.
  • Must be willing and able to integrate the Mile High Ministries and JAMLAC vision, mission and values both personally and professionally.
  • Fluent in Spanish and English.

Litigation and Representation Responsibilities:

  • Represent domestic/civil clients in pre-litigation. Includes educating and preparing clients for the legal process they are or will be involved in and seeking alternative dispute resolution with the clients.
  • Represent domestic/civil clients in Court in non-contested hearings. Includes reviewing and submitting proposed orders, parenting plans, decrees etc. and appearing in Court with the client.
  • Represent domestic/civil clients in contested hearings. Includes preparing the client for client testimony, preparing witnesses for testimony, identifying exhibits for use at trial, preparing Trial Management Certificates for the court, preparing and presenting opening and closing statements, examining and cross examining witnesses, drafting final orders when requested by the judge.
  • Collaborate with JAMLAC paralegals and support staff in a manner that nurtures and supports JAMLAC’s team approach
  • Liaise and network with system and non-system based victim services organizations to increase awareness of JAMLAC’s satellite office services.
  • Collaborate with satellite office partners to ensure proper logistical support for office operation. Consult with victim advocates and paralegals who work at the satellite offices to implement and hone best practices for satellite offices.
  • Assist with Pro Bono clinics and provide educational presentations to victim services organizations and other community organizations as assigned.

Leadership and Management Responsibilities:

  • Attend weekly Mile High Ministries’ staff meetings, JAMLAC staff meetings and other staff retreats/meetings as appropriate.
  • Meet regularly and build positive relationships with JAMLAC key leadership including the JAMLAC Director, Immigration Director, Associate Director, Senior Development Associate, 17th Judicial District Paralegal/legal advocate, and JAMLAC Victim Advocate.
  • Manage paralegals working on your cases.
  • Learn and maintain JAMLAC”s systems of operation and works to improve office procedures where appropriate
  •  Actively engage with and energize JAMLAC volunteers, Board Members, and partner organizations as assigned by JAMLAC Director.
  • Attend quarterly Victim Services Network (VSN) meetings and participate in other VSN committees and boards as appropriate.
  • Speak at community and church functions as appropriate.
  • Participate in JAMLAC team building activities.

Grant Management Responsibilities:

  • Serve as point person, as assigned, researching and writing grant applications for program funding, consult/confer with JAMLAC Director, Associate Director and Director of Development regarding grant applications.
  • Serve as point person in gathering data necessary for financial and narrative quarterly, semiannual and annual reports to funding sources. Write and submit timely accurate reports in accordance with reporting parameters.
  • Collaborate with Mile High Ministries’ development department to strategize and explore future development and donor opportunities.


913 N. Wyandot St.
Denver, CO 80204
303-595-5278 (f)