Legal Counsel

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation
Washington, DC


Posted 9/13/19


The National Center on Sexual Exploitation: Legal Counsel Position Description

General description of duties:

1.  Candidate will be a catalyst for launching lawsuits against the online hard core porn industry and  websites, digital platforms,  and online providers that are engaged in human sex trafficking. Candidate will recruit and work with plaintiffs’ attorneys and develop a network of contacts and relationships in the plaintiffs’ bar that are aligned with the National Center in desiring to stop human sex trafficking and hard core pornography on the internet, and are willing and able to litigate against human sex trafficking entities and their facilitators. Candidate will work closely with organizations that exist to support survivors and victims of sex trafficking, and facilitate the identification of potential plaintiffs for legal actions. Candidate will coordinate legal actions brought against perpetrators of human sex trafficking, coordinate with plaintiffs law firms and help facilitate lawsuits by being a conduit with survivors and victims on the one hand, and plaintiffs’ attorneys on the other.

In short candidate must facilitate and actualize the launching of litigation on behalf of the victims of sexual abuse and exploitation. Candidate will seek out and identify trafficked and prostituted women and children and, with the help of experienced civil attorney allies, help launch litigation for damages against the perpetrators. 

2.  Candidate should be an attorney in good standing and licensed in a State or the District of Columbia, Washington, DC.

3.  Salary commensurate with experience.

4.  Health insurance and 401K benefits available.

5.  Candidate should be passionately opposed to sexual exploitation and human trafficking, and be in alignment with the values and objectives of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

6.  Candidate must be a self-starter. Have good people skills and strong interpersonal skills. Substantial litigation experience required. 

7.  Position will work out of The National Center’s office in Washington, DC but significant  travel may be required.



Benjamin W. Bull
General Counsel
National Center of Sexual Exploitation
440 1st Street NW
Washington, DC 20007