Director of Risk Management

Wheaton College


Posted 1/20/20

DIRECTOR OF RISK MANAGEMENT                                                                                                   Job ID: 487


Reporting to the General Counsel, the Director of Risk Management is responsible for directing the risk financing and environmental health and safety functions of Wheaton College.  The Risk Management Director serves as a consultant to campus on matters of risk and insurance and is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to manage risks at every level across the College.


1.   Manage College-related day-to-day risk and insurance matters, performing research to offer appropriate guidance to risk and insurance-related questions and concerns from the Campus community.  

2.   Oversee campus Emergency Response and Business Continuation planning.

3.   Develop and maintain an Enterprise Risk Management program to systematically identify, assess, and facilitate the mitigation of risks that have the potential to cause significant physical, financial, or reputational loss to the College.

4.   In partnership with the Environmental Health & Safety Specialist to identify, assess, and facilitate the mitigation of physical hazards and health hazards that can result in injury and illness to the campus community.

5.   In matters pertaining to safety & health and environmental protection, work with the Environmental Health & Safety Specialist to develop, implement, and periodically review College policies and procedures needed to manage risk and comply with applicable laws.


6.   In matters pertaining to insurance & claims, serve as the primary liaison and point of contact with insurance brokers, insurance carriers, regulatory agencies, and other internal and external contacts.

7.   Lead and direct insurance and broker renewals for the College’s commercial insurance policies.

8.   Advise senior management of new or pending legislation and regulations that pose significant risk to the College.

9.   Work with the Environmental Health & Safety Specialist to facilitate the Campus Safety Representative and Transportation Committee meetings and training.

10.  Direct and supervise risk management personnel in the department.

11.  In partnership with the Office Coordinator, manage the Office of Legal Affairs & Risk Management’s budget.

12.  Represent the Office of Legal Affairs & Risk Management on various campus committees and in peer groups of risk management professionals outside of the College.

13.  Perform other duties as assigned.

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