2017 Orthodox Christian Attorney Conference


2017 Orthodox Christian Attorney Conference
Newport Beach, CA


Orthodox Christian Attorneys Gather in California to Discuss Faith and Profession

On October 28, 2017, nearly thirty Orthodox Christian attorneys and law students from across the nation gathered in Newport Beach, California, for a conference focused on fellowship, networking, and faith. This first-ever event was held in conjunction with the Christian Legal Society (CLS) National Conference, one of the nation’s premier Christian legal conferences.

The event began with a prayer and introductory remarks from His Grace Bishop Maxim of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America and Diocese of Western America. His Grace led the conference with an Orthodox theological discussion on faith, law, and human dignity. His Grace’s remarks were then followed by a keynote address by Judge Thomas Alexander Varlan, the Chief U.S. District Court Judge for the Eastern District of Tennessee. Judge Varlan discussed the interplay of his Orthodox faith and his role as a judge, underscoring how his faith has strengthened his commitment to the rule of law and the doctrine of stare decisis (i.e., legal precedent).

Judge Varlan’s keynote address was then followed by three panels where speakers led conference participants through a series of topics, including integrating faith and the practice of law, serving churches and other Orthodox non-profit organizations, and the state of American Orthodoxy. Participants continued their faith and fellowship following the conference at a banquet dinner hosted by CLS. The event was well received by participants, who expressed strong interest in building an Orthodox Christian bar association in further support of their faith, churches, and communities.

Attorneys, law students, paralegals, and others who were not able to attend this year’s event, but are interested in participating in future events, may contact Ken Liu, one of the organizers of the Orthodox Christian attorney gathering, at kliu@clsnet.org.



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Orthodox Attorney Gathering Presentation Materials

The following are presentation materials from the October 28, 2017 Orthodox Attorney Gathering sessions:

“Faith, Law, and Human Dignity” Introductory Remarks by His Grace Bishop Maxim, Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America

“Being an Orthodox Christian Attorney: Integrating Faith & the Practice of Law” E.R. Lanier - Judge, Municipal Court of Norcross, GA (retired); General Counsel, Orthodox Church of America

“Being an Orthodox Christian Attorney: Integrating Faith & the Practice of Law” Leon Lysaght - Professor, University of Detroit Mercy Law School (retired)

“Being an Orthodox Christian Attorney: Integrating Faith & the Practice of Law” Bill Marianes – McGuire Woods (retired); Stewardship Calling

“Representing Churches & Other Nonprofit Entities Workshop: So you want to help your Churchpro bono?” Louis Milicich – Dentons, Head of South Eastern Europe Initiative

“Representing Churches & Other Nonprofit Entities Workshop: Nonprofit Law Basics” Kenneth Liu – Christian Legal Society; Gammon & Grange, P.C.


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