We Took a Stand and Four Teens were Saved!

Reed Smith

Many times, in our fight to defend Christians being persecuted for their exercise of religion, what is needed is someone willing to take a stand, seek counsel, and authorize a firm letter.  

That is the case in this story in which CLS proudly stepped in for a group of Christians that spent time gathering at a park to talk about Jesus with others in the park. When police officers told them they could no longer meet in the park to talk about Jesus, CLS stepped up to defend their religious freedom to the city. 

As the Director of Litigation for CLS’ Center for Law and Religious Freedom, I wrote a letter on behalf of CLS to the city explaining how it could not discriminate against religious speakers in their use of the park. Armed with this knowledge, the group went back to performing religious outreach.  

And then this happened . . .the first day the group returned to the park four teens accepted Christ as their Savior! We praise the Lord for allowing CLS to serve this community and these Christians – for HIS glory.

CLS’ friend and group leader, Bill, shares about his group’s experience the day they returned to the park . . . 


In my opinion, it could not have gone any better . . .

Near the end of our time in the park as I was sharing the gospel with three students, a police cruiser rolled up. The officer got out, walked up and stood about 6 feet behind the high school students facing me while I continued. He did not interrupt me but listened, then backed away and was either called or placed a call on his radio on his shoulder.  

He eventually ambled back to his car. He saw me not only have a conversation with the students, but also, I am sure, he saw me hand them literature, a Worldview evangelism tract. I did that deliberately. So, I very publicly and openly exercised my free speech and free press liberties without incident . . .

Reed, we had four high school students indicate faith in Christ in those 25-30 minutes in the park! It was a great day! I have much I can use from today to teach my students about their liberties and responsibilities as citizens and how to respond to persecution as Christians.

Thanks for your help and sound advice.


Mike Schutt

Director, CLS Law School Fellows

Alanna Walker

Grants Coordinator

Michelle Williams

Law Student Ministries Coordinator


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