CLS’ Law Student Ministries has created and collected resources to equip law students and campus fellowships to engage the issues facing the disciple of Jesus in the legal academy and law practice.


The Christian Lawyer magazine is published twice a year with the goal of challenging and encouraging vocational stewardship within the legal profession.

The mission of The Journal of Christian Legal Thought is to equip and encourage legal professionals to seek and study biblical truth as it relates to law, the practice of law, and legal institutions. Theological reflection on the law, a lawyer’s work, and legal institutions is central to a lawyer’s calling, and the Journal exists to help practicing lawyers, law students, judges, and legal scholars engage in this theological and practical reflection, both as a professional community and as individuals. The Journal is published twice a year.

Hundreds of lawyers subscribe to the CLS bi-monthly devotional, produced with lawyers and law students in mind. Browse the archive here.

Law Student Ministries has compiled various reading lists and recommendations for students seeking to serve Christ in the academy.


The Cross & Gavel podcast addresses issues at the intersection of faith and work, particularly work in the law. We also from time to time talk books, movies, and other topics of interest to lawyers and students. Browse the archive or listen here.


The Law Student Chapter Manual provides answers to most of the questions that student leaders have about forming and running a chapter or fellowship.


Are you looking for tools to use in your campus fellowship?

CLS has collected and created Bible Studies, book discussion guides, and discussion starters to help your campus fellowship think well about the law student’s calling. They are linked here, along with some ideas to help you think well about your law campus groups.


In August of every year, every law fellowship in communication with LSM will receive a Resource Packet containing valuable materials for your campus group and student orientation fair.

If you are a student fellowship leader or advisor and have not received a Resource Packet for the current school year, please contact LSM at


In the fall of every year, CLS hosts the CLS National Conference. In conjunction with this event, LSM conducts its National Law Student Convention (NLSC) – a time for students to come together for fellowship, sharing, mutual encouragement, and training. In addition to awarding NLSC scholarships for students to attend the convention, LSM will help students to raise money to attend this event through their local chapter.

In addition to the National Conference, CLS supports regional retreats, often run by local attorney chapters for lawyers and law students. Annual retreats are currently held near New York City, Seattle, Chicago, and Dallas. Check for an event near you on our Events page


We want to help you find other Christian students on campus, experienced lawyers who will encourage and mentor you, and, most of all, we want you to be a part of the nationwide network of professionals that is Christian Legal Society.

We can help you find a campus fellowship, form a fellowship, or learn more about student membership. If you need resources, check out our resources page or request a Resource Packet.

Follow us on Twitter, join the Christian Law Student Forum on Facebook, or contact us at Law Student Ministries.

In addition, our desire is that law school grads make a smooth transition into CLS attorney fellowships, so that they can join like-minded attorneys in their practice areas, network with CLS members in their new locations, and take advantage of CLS resources in this critical time of professional development. To help make the transition happen, CLS offers graduating students the ability to renew or join at the law student rate for their first year out of school.

Please click here to join or here to renew.

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