143. Christianity & Constitutionalism: Reformation — John Witte, Jr. (Summer Series)

Today, we continue our summer series looking into the essays in a brand new volume entiteld Christianity and Constitutionalism (Oxford University Press 2023) (PURCHASE HERE). In this episode, we discuss the essay from Professor John Witte, Jr. on the Protestant Reformers and their contribution to the development of constitutionalism. John is the Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Law at Emory University School of Law and one of the preeminent scholars on the confluence of Christianity and law. He has written more books that I can count, recently including The Blessings of Liberty: Human Rights and Religous Freedom in the Western Legal Tradition (here) and Church, State, and Family: Reconciling Traditional Teachings and Modern Liberties (here). Last year, he delivered his Gifford Lecture at the University of Aberdeen on a new calvinist tradition of rights (watch). His complete inventory of publications can be mined here.

The episode was produced by Josh Deng, with music from Vexento. A special thanks to Nick and Ashley Barnett for their contribution in making this podcast possible.

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