64. Byron Borger: Live from the Bookstore!

Okay, so it’s not “live”– BUT: Mike Schutt recorded this podcast with Byron Borger, Rockstar Bookman, live and in person at the famous Hearts & Minds Bookstore in Dallastown, PA. Anyone who has ever been to a Christian conference that is serious about readers knows Byron and Beth Borger, owners of Hearts & Minds. The Borgers are particular heroes of the Christian Legal Society and the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO), because Hearts & Minds has been serving their conference participants for years– and decades, respectively.  

Mike and Byron begin by discussing this year’s Jubilee conference and what he saw as he discussed books with college students. From there, they range to their personal favorites, important new releases, and other great stuff. If you love books, you’ll enjoy this conversation!

Jump in and listen!

The books they touch on (or ramble over, depending) include:

Tish Harrison Warren, Liturgy of the Ordinary James K. A. Smith, You are What You Love Andy Crouch, Culture Making and Strong and Weak Bob Robinson, ReIntegrate John Mark Comer, Garden City Kinnaman and Lyon, Good Faith Sarah Arthur and Erin Wasinger, The Year of Small Things Michael Wear, Reclaiming Hope 

And BTW, Michael Wear will be live and in person at Hearts & Minds on March 10. 

Byron will be announcing a discount on any book mentioned in the podcast, if you order within ten days of this podcast!

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Mike Schutt is the host of Cross & Gavel, and he directs both Law Student Ministries and Attorney Ministries for the Christian Legal Society. He is an Associate Professor at Regent University School of Law.