SPECIAL EPISODE: Rights & Responsibilities in Contemporary Sex Culture (Live) — Christine Emba & Erika Bachiochi

Over the 2023 March for Life, CLS co-sponsored an event Thursday night with FCLNY and Guiding Star Project as part of the Reframing Agency series. The event featured Christine Emba (Washington Post), Erika Bachiochi (EPPC), and Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa (Moderator). The heart of the discussion was premised on Christine’s Rethinking Sex: A Provocation and Erika’s The Rights of Women: Reclaiming a Lost Vision. Both great books worth reading.

Destiny is part of New Wave Feminists, who’s making her third appearance on the Cross & Gavel (see Episode #109 and Episode #122).

The episode was produced by Josh Deng, with music from Vexento. A special thanks to Nick and Ashley Barnett for their contribution in making this podcast possible.