SPECIAL EPISODE: The Future of Intimacy After Dobbs — Louise Perry & Helen Roy

Over the 2023 March for Life, CLS co-sponsored an event Thursday night with FCLNY and Guiding Star Project as part of the Reframing Agency seriesThis is the second installment of that series, covering the future of intimacy after Dobbs. For this event, we are joined by two panelists, Louise Perry, columnist at The New Statesman and author of The Case Against the Sexual Revolution: A New Guide to Sex in the 21st Century, and Helen Roy, contributing editor of the American Mind and host of the podcast GIRLBOSS INTERRUPTED. Our moderator is Dr. Alisia Chase, Professor of Art History and Visual Culture at SUNY Brockport and FCLNY’s resident feminist scholar.

Relevant Content

PART I (w/ Christine Emba, Erika Bachiochi, and Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa) can be accessed through here.

The episode was produced by FCLNY.